Dynamic performance across every ad, every screen, every campaign


Programmatic media for precise targeting and maximum impact


Moving, captivating media solutions that bring powerful results.

Liquidus delivers the power to drive scalable, multi-screen digital advertising campaigns using an innovative solutions platform of dynamic, technologically advanced products and highly-targeted programmatic media services.


Drive high-engagement experiences Liquidus Bannerlink enables you to go beyond the limits with interactive, data-driven, and video capabilities.
Reach customers with maximum impact Liquidus’ Programmatic Media Platform gives you the strategy, reach and extension opportunities needed for precise multi-screen digital targeting.
Achieve objectives with cost-efficiency Every Liquidus solution is engineered for maximum engagement, efficient execution and cost effectiveness.

The Liquidus Platform combines pioneering technology, dynamic ad performance and programmatic media to give advertisers a powerhouse for achieving big feats of customer engagement.


Digital advertising assets designed for achieving big results


Innovative ad technology spanning all vertical applications and sales-engagement objectives

The industry’s most advanced video solution for merchandising entire product inventories


Programmatic Media
Connecting your message with your target audience at the right time through advanced programmatic targeting


Custom Solutions
Custom-built, high-performance solutions designed to increase efficiencies and decrease costs


Client Services
Dedicated, personalized expertise that makes dynamic digital advertising faster, stronger, smarter every time
Tear Sheet Automation
Improves co-op reimbursement process efficiency by 60%
Self-Service Ad Builder
Allows you to create great looking ads 16x faster than building by hand
Average engagement rate is 4x greater than that of a typical rich media ad unit
Videolink 5
Responsive design allows for cross-device viewing: desktop, tablet and mobile

I‘ve been impressed with the way Liquidus is able to understand our clients’ needs, and produce a custom solution that represents their vision. They are a reliable and knowledgeable resource for us; they always deliver on time and within budget. Not only are they innovative in their technology, but they have also proven to be experts in media targeting. Their campaigns always drive results that meet the objectives of the campaign.

Paula Hambrick, Hambrick and Assoc.

The Liquidus UTurn program has given Kia Depot an increase in digital exposure. The proof is in the steady increases in unique visits to our site and inventory interactions since we began utilizing Bannerlink. Liquidus has been a pleasure to work with and a partner I’d highly recommend.

Nicole Azevedo, Kia Depot

Liquidus has been a valuable partner supporting our online advertising initiatives. They’ve developed a solution that caters to the unique needs of each of our 20 Chicagoland centers and understand the importance of doing so. They’re knowledgeable, creative, and responsive, keeping our best interest in mind (not their bottom line). Their guidance and insight is appreciated and trusted.

Carter Risdon, Huntington Learning Centers

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients.

Our Leadership Team

Our Story

Like many great Chicago companies, Liquidus was founded on Cubs Opening Day. That afternoon in 2001, Todd and Chris began with a bar napkin and a handshake. The bar napkin became a business plan, and with Kirk on board, Liquidus entered the world as a boutique interactive development company.

Today, Liquidus is a digital marketing force providing powerful, dynamic solutions that allow advertisers to reach consumers on any device, at any time. We strive to provide our clientele with exceptional customer service, cost-efficient products and innovative ideas to improve advertising strategy and increase ROI. Our like-minded clients give us our pioneering vision and purpose: smarter, faster, stronger digital marketing.

Our people are the heart and soul of every client success we deliver. We’re tenacious goal makers with a faster, smarter, stronger attitude.

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