Liquidus offers unique digital solutions that support OEMs, dealer associations, dealer groups and individual rooftops both big and small in creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for in-market auto buyers. Everything we do is turn-key, data-driven and in real-time.  Select our Bannerlink ad technology, programmatic media or the powerful combination to start moving cars off the lot.

Master Customer Retention


Convert your mailing list or customer emails to IP addresses and target those customers across the web. Your customers already have a proven affinity for your brand, so half the work is done.

Social Media Advertising

Connect with past, current and future customers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Visited by billions of users each month, they provide a cost-effective medium to build awareness and stay-of-mind.

Verified Visitors

Solidify your campaign’s effectiveness with Verified Visitors. We identify and report on how many confirmed shoppers visited your brick and mortar after seeing your ad on their mobile device.

We’re here every step of the way.


We help you strategize, from providing detailed estimates to choosing the most powerful targeting tactics that will help you reach in-market car shoppers.

Programmatic Buying

Our team bids on real-time inventory across strategically selected DSPs to connect your message with the auto-intenders on any device.


We optimize toward success by analyzing and fine-tuning every aspect of your campaign to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Drive Engagement with Bannerlink

Unique formats built to meet the needs of OEMs, Tier II associations, dealer groups and individual rooftops. Learn More.

Bannerlink Inventory (BL) Series

BL ads are designed to hold and scroll hundreds of vehicles with robust vehicle description screens complete with unique merchandising videos and trim, mileage and pricing details.

BL Slider

Available in all IAB standard sizes
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Mobile version available in 320×50
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BL IBV (In-Banner Video)

Available in 300×250, 300×600 and 728×90

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Bannerlink VDP Retargeting

With a unique pixel added to their website, dealer’s can target shoppers who have previously visited their site with a Bannerlink ad that showcases the exact vehicle they were viewing along with similar vehicles. Clicking takes the user straight to the VDP.

Available in 300×250, 728×90, 300×600 and mobile 320×480
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Bannerlink Video (BLV) Series

Advertisers can utilize these ads to showcase up to four :15 or :30 spots, along with their 10 most recent tweets. Extra branding, messaging and design can be incorporated into the cover graphic, header and background skin. Social buttons allow users to further interact with the brand.

BLV with Twitter

Available in 300×250
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BLV with Multiple Videos

Available in 300×250
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Bannerlink Interactive In-Stream (BLiS) Series

BLiS ads are trafficked as a typical in-stream (aka pre-roll) ad, but incorporate interactive elements in addition to the featured video: outbound-linking buttons, social buttons, a live Twitter stream and/or an interactive overlay. Custom skin allows for additional branding and messaging.

BLiS Canvas with Twitter

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BLiS Canvas with Footer also available
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BLiS with Interactive Overlay

The average Bannerlink engagement rate is nearly 2x the national average for rich media ads.

Bannerlink FAQ

Next-Level Video Solutions


Videolink is the most scalable yet inexpensive product-video solution on the market. That’s because it’s real-time, dynamic video that assembles in a split second when customers click a product. It’s great for selling complex items, yet easy to maintain because it’s data-driven. Whenever the data changes, it changes…no editing or re-deployment needed if prices or features change. It downloads faster on mobile than hard-file video, fits itself to the user’s screens and adjusts content on-the-fly to users’ shopping history to maximize effectiveness.


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Video Repair Assistant

Video Repair Assistant is an automated diagnostic video tool for auto dealerships that explains over 100 of the most common repair and maintenance items. Consumers can enter vehicle symptoms or specific problems into a drop-down interface and receive a video that explains the likely cause and service needed. It creates consumer trust upfront to draw more service bay traffic, educating and setting cost expectations so customers feel comfortable before coming in. The visual explanation demystifies car service, and makes consumers aware of recalls, trade-in values and special offers available to them.


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Video Configurator for New-Car Shoppers

Build & Price Configurators are a primary destination on automotive manufacturer websites. Building vehicles online helps shoppers understand trim, color and interior features they want, as well as affordability. The Liquidus Video Configurator adds a new dimension to this process by creating custom videos for consumers based on how they built their vehicle. The video displays and narrates the details that are relevant to what the consumer wants, and the video can be distributed to friends and family—even to social media. It takes the complexity and headaches out of the new-car shopping experience.


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VDP Landing Pages
To create a seamless shopping experience for consumers, each vehicle listing within a Bannerlink clicks through directly to its vehicle description page (VDP) on the dealer’s website. Shoppers can also click on the Bannerlink header to go straight to the dealer’s homepage.
Co-op Eligibility
Bannerlink ads can be submitted for co-op, allowing dealers to collect reimbursement or extra funding towards their digital advertising campaign. Liquidus will provide the advertiser with all necessary documentation for co-op submission.
Layers of Support
We’re here to help create an effective and actionable digital advertising plan that will help you sell more cars. We’ll help identify the best ad unit and targeting tactics for the campaign’s objective(s). If at any time during the month creative needs to be updated or tactics tweaked, we’re happy to make those changes.

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