Bannerlink is a strong platform of dynamic ad formats that deliver powerful customer engagement across every device, from inventory to video-based and everything in between.  Bannerlink ads are interactive, customizable and cost efficient, giving you the ROI that smarter advertising delivers. Execution is quick and simple, allowing scalable efficiencies and faster speed-to-market.

Bannerlink Ad Technology

There are three core Bannerlink ad formats, each engineered to drive engagement.


Bannerlink: Ads as smart as they are powerful





Liquidus AdBuilder

The Liquidus AdBuilder is a comprehensive production platform designed to create efficiencies resulting in decreased costs, increased margins and faster speed-to-market. The AdBuilder’s easy-to-use do-it-yourself functionality enables users to create cross-device static, animated, video and interactive in-stream ads within minutes and instantaneously generate ad tags in multiple sizes ready for trafficking.
  • Custom template gallery or pre-designed uploads
  • Robust creative toolset for staying, editing and animation
  • Exportable ad tags

Robust Reporting

Tracking Every Interaction

Bannerlink reporting captures each and every interaction within the ad unit. Analyze your ad’s performance from mouse hovers to map clicks to video play time.

Available 24/7

Our proprietary reporting portal is available 24/7 with a unique username and password. View current and past campaigns at an individual or aggregate level.

Downloadable Reports

Comprehensive reporting can be downloaded into Excel so you can customize and brand before sharing with clients.

Delivered to Your Inbox

If you’re always on the go, set up automated reporting for delivery straight to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Formats for every strategy
Bannerlink ads come in all IAB-standard sizes and rich-media formats for every digital advertising sales objective you need to meet. They’re customizable and engineered for maximum interactivity giving you engagement up and down the sales funnel.
Engagement like no other
The ability to showcase your entire inventory in one ad unit is pretty powerful. Beyond that, Bannerlink personalizes the shopping experience by providing an arrangement of sorting and filtering options as well as contact forms, video plays and social sharing.
Easy, fast and efficient
There is no other ad technology as turnkey, dynamic and data-driven as Bannerlink. Bannerlink ads can be built in minutes regardless of format, size and number of listings.
Trafficking-ready tags are generated instantly so you can get your campaign up and running with no lag time.
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