Digital Dealer Conference 2011

By Jason Steele
on April 13, 2011

This week is the 10th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo in sunny Orlando, Florida and Liquidus is attending!

Liquidus is attending because a large percentage of our business is digital advertising for dealers and we are looking forward to learn better ways to integrate our video products into social media. One topic that should offer some great insights is "Integrated Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers." This should be right in line with our core interests in the digital dealer space.

The conference has workshops, sessions, speakers, and panels for everyone: sales, marketing, social media, CRM and more. It appears to be an invaluable 3 day exposition that features the best of the best in information.

The DDC&E theme this year is "The Future is NOW!" This is italicized, capitalized, and exclamatory so you understand that the future is not in the future but rather Right. Now. At. This. Conference! The Expo "...will continue to build on the learning and excitement from previous conferences with more than 70 sessions and even more emphasis on the cutting edge topics for dealers and managers such as using and managing social media to build business, online reputation management, effective website analytics, and more." Yes, that was all one sentence from their website but it does speak to their commitment to educating dealers, the partners, and all businesses in the automotive space. In fact each year the conference gets rave reviews from attendees. Some other sessions with cheekier topic titles are:

  • Like or Links — Which One Stinks and Why Social Media is BS
  • No Dealer Left Behind
  • From Here to Velocity
  • OMG! I <3 My Dealer!
  • Socially Unacceptable
  • And my personal favorite "Your Fingers Are Not Too Fat..."

I am not sure what that topic is all about but I think it needs to be attended by everyone based on title alone.

After Liquidus returns we will blog about the information learned and workshops attended to share the information with you.

You can find out much more information at where they list the speakers, session topics, exhibitors and Orlando Attractions in case you grow weary of topics like "Case Studies: How the Best and Brightest Dealers Integrate Traditional, Digital, and Social Strategies to Attract and Retain More Customers for Less Money." Although, I am betting the Fat Fingers session is better than EPCOT.

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