Custom Solutions

Liquidus AdBuilder

The Liquidus AdBuilder is a comprehensive production platform designed to create efficiencies resulting in decreased costs, increased margins and faster speed-to-market. The AdBuilder’s easy-to-use do-it-yourself functionality enables users to create cross-device static, animated, video and interactive in-stream ads within minutes and instantaneously generate ad tags in multiple sizes ready for trafficking.
  • Custom template gallery or pre-designed uploads
  • Robust creative toolset for styling, editing and animation
  • Exportable ad tags

Innovation At The Core

Creating efficiencies to increase speed to market and ROI

Campaign I/O Portal

Liquidus’ proprietary IO portal streamlines the campaign order and launch process enabling you to accelerate your business pipeline in less time with less hassle. The IO portal gives the ability to create, launch, edit, pause or view campaigns, as well as upload new creative. Once an update is made, our internal team is immediately notified and changes will take effect within 48 hours. Everything you need is combined in this highly scalable, turn-key, all-in-one solution.
Driven by Efficiency
Liquidus’ mission is to revolutionize the fundamentals of digital marketing that drive higher ROI, eliminate manual tasks and speed time-to-market. With elements like data automation, turn-key ad creation and streamlined order processing, we’re developing a whole new world of efficiencies.
Continuously Evolving
There’s always an opportunity to make things easier, faster and more affordable. Liquidus works effortlessly to address the changing needs and trends of the industry so we can deliver the hardest working products with the best results for our clients.
Liquidus seeks to transform the way we do digital advertising. By fusing brainpower, persistence, and technology we bring big ideas to life. Pioneering innovative technology-driven solutions is what Liquidus is all about.
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