Dynamic Content Management

Plan & Support
We partner with you to help make “what’s possible” a reality. With flexible, dynamic solutions and dedicated client service, we ensure the flawless activation of your content and messages.
Using in-house content activation experts, technology and proven processes, your content becomes relevant at the individual level and ready for use across multiple platforms and channels at scale.
Unify & Manage
We take in complex content, product and promotional assets – pulling from any data source at any timing interval. We also integrate and validate first and third party data sources.
Measure & Report
We provide insights into data quality and content performance. This helps to identify trends and inform real-time optimization and improve future executions.

TRU Harvest Connects with Walmart Shoppers

Learn how we partnered with Tru Harvest to promote their Ancient Grains line of dog treats – exclusively targeting dog owners near Walmart stores.

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