Get Creative with Native

 icon_mediaNative advertising is a refreshing break from the structured, rigid, and interruptive trends of standard display advertising.  As the new kid on the block, it has advertiser, marketers, and publishers buzzing with interest and ad dollars.

What is Native advertising?

Native advertisements match the look and feel of the content on a webpage allowing it to flow naturally. The seamless integration on to a page allows marketers to reach consumers organically.  Utilizing unobtrusive articles and videos rather than banner ads provides a better user experience that ultimately leads to an increase in user engagement. Blending the ad into the existing content creates a holistic ecosystem where the ads actually become the content.

What are the benefits of Native?

Native ads are a custom experience designated by the surrounding content, this creates a unique version of the ad on each publisher that it is served on.  The unique look and feel builds off of the publisher’s existing rapport and thus develops deeper brand relationships with consumers. Native provides advertisers and marketers lower bounces rates and higher engagement time by fitting in naturally to topics that are already of interest to the consumer. Native breaks redundant circular norms of skyscrapers and leaderboards of digital display landscape and introduces a refreshing, innovative approach that results in lasting positive interactions through content.

Focusing on engagement, native advertising is able to produce a resonating user experience that translates to ROI and brand lift. This ground-breaking method has demonstrated proven results across a wide variety of verticals and advertisers. Native advertising has provided a measurable impact, making it a successful strategy and important part of the marketing mix in the ever evolving digital world.

An example of a Native ad on