Get to Know…Lauren Wiginton

By November 7, 2016Get to Know...

How long have you been with Liquidus? I started in April 2016, so 7 months.

What’s your role at Liquidus and what’s a typical day like for you? I’m the graphic designer and my typical duties revolve around creating designs for our banner ads or marketing materials for Liquidus.

Describe your desk. My desk has twinkly lights draped around the top for ambiance.

Enough about work…

Favorite vacation spot? I had the most fun in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Celebrity encounter? I met Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces when I was about 16.

How would you describe your family? My family is small and very tight-knit. My parents are still married and I have one slightly younger sister (everyone thought we were twins growing up).

Favorite sports team? As of late, the Cubs. I used to follow the Braves when I was much younger.

Chicago original or transplant? If the Braves didn’t give it away, I’m a transplant from Atlanta, GA.

iPhone or Android? iPhone.

When is your birthday? Does your personality line up with your astrological sign? July 31st. I’m a subtle Leo, but definitely a Leo.

Favorite Chicago neighborhood? Why? Logan Square, cause it’s my home.

What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already? Money management

melvininasweaterI really love a good _____________. Lecture (yeah, I said it!)

In my free time, I like to ____________ or ____________. Watch Movies or Travel.

Do you have any pets? I do! I have a pet tortoise named Melvin. Here he is in a sweater >>

What was your favorite subject/class in school? I always loved Art and English.

If you could live in a different city or country, where would you live? I’ve always wanted to live in New York City.

Do you have any family traditions? We always threw big themed birthdays when I was growing up. One year I had a Spongebob party.

What’s your favorite season? Favorite holiday? Definitely fall and Halloween!

What’s your morning routine? Nighttime routine? A frantic rush to look somewhat presentable in the morning and a haphazard devolution of that at night.

Favorite TV show? I have so many! Of all time, I’d have to say either Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

What’s your kryptonite? Cute baby animals.

What’s your guilty pleasure? SmartFood White Cheddar Popcorn. I can and will eat a family size bag by myself.

Who was your college mascot? Georgia State Panthers.

Do you speak any other languages? I wish. I can piece together some Spanish and French. I also made a failed attempt to learn conversational Thai and Hindi.

How would your friends describe you? Quirky and thoughtful.

What’s the best gift anyone has ever given you? My friend Barron flew in from out of state to surprise me on my birthday 🙂

Who’s your celebrity crush? Jeff Goldblum.

What decade would you fit in best with? The late 1960s.

Pizza. Middle piece or crust? Crust!

Are you superstitious about anything? I’m SUPER-stitious! I don’t like tempting fate. I knock on wood, and avoid opening umbrellas inside or walking under ladders.

Do you believe in ghosts or UFOs? Sure. It’s always the person who doesn’t that gets messed with!

Do you snooze or wake up when your alarm goes off? Snooze for days.

Do you Instagram, Tweet, Facebook or Snap? Everything but tweet.

Would you rather… read a book or watch a movie? I love books and movies! Walk or bike?  Walk. Travel by car or plane? Plane. Have a night out or evening in? Night out. Win the lottery or find your dream job? Lottery (if I could remain anonymous).

Favorite exercise? Yoga.

Do you prefer salty or savory snacks? Salty.

Do you text or call? Text. Calls give me anxiety.

What’s your pet peeve? Mouth noises.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert.

Are you a healthy eater? Not particularly.

Favorite food? Least favorite food? Lemon Herb Chicken is my favorite. My least favorite would be something like yogurt.

If you were going to sing karaoke what song would you choose? Jolene by Dolly Parton.

What is your strongest personal quality? My empathy.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Something to the extent of face your fears and your life will open up.

If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be? I really hope I live to see our first female president being sworn into office.

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why? I wish I knew how to play an instrument or sing so I could appreciate it more.

What age do you feel right now and why? I feel like a solid late-20s, not totally self-assured but getting there.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of reality TV? The Kardashians (unfortunately) The holidays? Thanksgiving and Christmas California? The Pacific Coast Highway The 90s? Saved by the Bell High school? The cafeteria.

What’s something no one would guess about you? I’m a really good hulu hooper. I actually won a contest.

What would you tell your 5 year old self? 16 year old self? You do you and don’t worry so much.

Any other fun facts? I love to travel. I first went to Thailand and Cambodia at 19 and have since been to India, Hong Kong, France, and England.