managed media services

Managed Media Services

Plan & Support
Our hands-on support team can identify and build audience segments, recommend the best tactics and channels to meet campaign goals, and make sure desired reach and frequency are achieved.
Buy & Optimize
We programmatically buy premium placements across channels and devices and optimize in real-time. Working with 10+ DSPs, we can take advantage of their unique technical capabilities and inventory.
Finding the right audience requires knowing how to use first and third party data effectively, brokering direct deals to access premium inventory, and using DMPs to qualify users. We do all that and more.
Measure & Report
We confirm campaign success by reporting on the metrics that matter most to you.

Tru Harvest Connects with Walmart Shoppers

Learn how we partnered with Tru Harvest to promote their Ancient Grains line of dog treats – exclusively targeting dog owners near Walmart stores.


Behavioral Targeting
Channel Targeting
Contextual Targeting
Demographic Targeting
Geographic Targeting
Listlink CRM Targeting
Search Retargeting
Site Retargeting
Geo-fencing (mobile)
Location-Based (mobile)

Advanced TV

Over-the-top (OTT)
Connected TV (CTV)
Full Episode Player (FEP)


Facebook Automated Dynamic/API
Facebook Newsfeed
Facebook Newsfeed Carousel
Facebook Newsfeed Video
Instagram In-Feed


Spotify Video Takeover
Spotify Static Display
Spotify Audio Streaming
Standard Audio Streaming
Private Marketplaces (PMPs)
Verified Visitors (mobile app)
Email Marketing

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