New Offering: Spotify Advertising

By February 29, 2016Programmatic Media

icon_media Since July 2012, Spotify has increased it’s active listener audience from 15 million to 80 million– that’s an increase of 433%. Spotify has more listeners than Apple Music, Rhapsody, and Tidal, and will soon surpass Pandora, the most well-known music streaming service.


728×90 Leaderboard Ad

With an expansive music catalog, Spotify attracts users of all ages, backgrounds, education levels and income levels across the U.S., making it a perfect medium for advertisers to reach any audience that’s listening from their desk at work, or while browsing the internet at home.

There are two ad placements on Spotify: 728×90 static ad and takeover video ad. While CPMs are wildly different, both executions are equally effective. Advertisers can target users geographically and by age, gender, music genre, music playlist(s) or Spanish language. For wider reach, RON is also an option.


Video Takeover

Video Takeover Ad

Spotify advertising boasts some great features:

  • 90% viewability
  • 100% SOV
  • Premium environment (no fold!)
  • All users served ads are logged in
  • No impressions served after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Video Takeover ad plays during regular music ad breaks

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