Melissa Maxwold
Liquidus Marketing

Liquidus Launched New Automotive Offering “PAC”

PAC provides a well-rounded display advertising approach for automotive advertisers looking to build awareness and drive sales

CHICAGO, IL: Chicago-based digital marketing solutions provider, Liquidus Marketing, introduced Premier Auto Channel, or PAC, at this week’s Internet Sales 20 Group Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. PAC is a comprehensive display advertising solution designed for OEMs, dealer associations and individual dealerships to drive website and foot traffic. PAC is intended to support prospecting, conquesting and remarketing objectives while also building brand awareness.

“It’s a challenge for dealers to understand and predict which display tactics will work best for them, but by running PAC, they get a little bit of everything. It also allows our media managers to optimize towards what’s performing best for that specific advertiser at any given time,” said Liquidus CEO, Todd Holmes. “We hand-picked the tactics that we believe dealers will have the most success with and we’ll continually reevaluate to make sure we’re offering the best combination possible for our advertisers.”

PAC utilizes Channel and Behavioral Targeting on both desktop and mobile to effectively prospect new customers. Channel Targeting includes ad inventory on top-tier automotive sites like KBB, Yahoo Autos and Advanced Automotive Parts via Liquidus’ exclusive Premium Auto Network. Mobile Geo-fencing and Location-Based Targeting are employed for conquesting. Conquesting involves winning over shoppers who have already shown interest in or an allegiance to a certain make, model or dealership. Lastly, PAC gives advertisers the ability to remarket their ad to any user who has previously seen their message via Channel Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Geo-fencing or Location-Based Targeting to constantly stay top-of-mind. There’s also the option to include attribution reporting which provides advertisers a better understanding of their campaign’s impact and effectiveness.

About Liquidus Marketing: With over 15 years experience in digital marketing and technology, Liquidus provides the automotive industry with cutting-edge products and cost-effective solutions to drive sales. Liquidus’ display advertising platform combines programmatic media and its proprietary ad technology, Bannerlink, with a team of seasoned digital media buyers that have access to the most cost-effective means to reach in-market auto shoppers.


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