We provide political campaigns, issue advocacy groups, and trade associations the ability to find and engage their constituents and voters across all platforms in the most effective and efficient ways available. Campaign scale can vary from local district elections to presidential elections and everywhere in between.

Robust Targeting Capabilities Give Candidates the Advantage

Each voter has a different set of interests, biases and viewpoints. The type of data we aggregate gives political advertisers the power to design every ad’s message so it caters to that voter segment’s interests.

Hyperlocal Targeting

Send different messages to people in different locations to appeal to their local concerns.

Demographic Segments

Target individuals based on characteristics of their personal lives.

Registration and Partisanship

Target individuals based on their known affiliation and political background.

Issue Segments

Target individuals based on their position on popular governmental/national issues.

Liquidus uses both first party and third party data sources

First party data allows us to target voters who have already expressed interest in your candidate, policy or bill, and retarget them across all channels and devices.

Third party data aggregates information around media consumption habits online and offline, financial analysis, purchase behavior and shopping behavior. This data is used to reach users who fit the typical profile of your target audience.

Reach Constituents from Every Angle

Social Media Advertising

Every successful campaign has a direct relationship with their supporters. Utilize social media to keep in constant communication with supporters and to find others with similar views.

  • Replicate signage/OOH strategy
  • Post your “flyer”
  • Promote an important message
  • Get candidate’s name in front of relevant voters


ListLink targeting allows political advertisers to convert their standard mailing list of physical addresses to digital IP addresses and target those same voters with their message online.

  • Reinforce direct mail campaign
  • Discover an audience of look-a-like prospects to target
  • Reach users on any device

Political campaigns are expected to spend $1 billion on digital media in 2016 – a nearly 5,000% increase from the $22.25 million spent on digital ads back in 2008. And that’s only the beginning.


-Borrell Associates

Promote Engagement with Interactive Ads

Bannerlink In-Banner Video (BLV) Ads

BLV ads put video and branding at the forefront of the campaign. Nearly every element is customizeable including cover graphics, skins, and button labels. Twitter streaming and social media buttons allows users to further interact with the advertiser.


BLV with Twitter

BLV Canvas

BLV with Multiple Videos

Bannerlink Interaction In-stream (BLiS) Ads

BLiS ads combine the effectiveness of traditional in-stream (aka pre, mid or post-roll) with the interactivity of the BLV ad units. While the video remains the main feature, surrounding elements promote engagement and build additional awareness.

BLiS Canvas with Twitter

BLiS Canvas with Footer

BLiS with Interactive Overlay

Private Marketplaces (PMPs)

Liquidus has access to a number of invitation-only programmatic auctions known as PMPs. PMPs allow advertisers to select specific sites they’d like to see their ads run on. This alternative to direct buys gives access to premium sites at a lower cost.

Targeting Algorithms

We employ third party data to identify users who fit your ideal voter profile and allow us to conserve budget by not serving ads to users who are unlikely to meet conversion goals. Algorithms can also optimize campaigns by analyzing performance to determine the value of future impressions and likelihood of translating into the desired action(s).

Cross-Device Targeting

This enables advertisers to reach the same users on both mobile and desktop to ensure messages they see are appropriate for the device they’re viewing it on.

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