Programmatic Media

Liquidus offers a robust Programmatic Media platform that allows advertisers to fine-tune their targeting strategy using a variety of tactics to deliver top-level results. Whether looking to build awareness, strengthen brand loyalty or earn new business, more precise targeting elevates engagement to a new level.

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Limitless Combinations to Reach Your Audience

Our strong partnerships allow us access to 90%+ of the US adult population online every day to give you greater marketing power and reach. Utilize one, multiple or all available targeting tactics to turn everyday consumers into your customers.

Geographic Targeting
Setting location parameters within which an ad will show
Channel Targeting
Align advertisement with relevant content based on select website categories
Site Retargeting
Serve ads to users who have previously visited your website
Search Retargeting
Target users based on their keyword searches and social shares across the web
Demographic Targeting
Target users based on their age and/or gender
Behavioral Targeting
Targeting specific consumers based on their characteristics, lifestyle, hobbies, etc
Target mobile users within a defined geographic location in real time
Location-Based Targeting
Target mobile users based on where they have physically been or frequently visited


We help you strategize, from providing detailed estimates to choosing the most powerful targeting tactics that achieve your advertising goals.

Media Management

Our team bids on real-time inventory across strategically selected DSPs to connect your message with the right audience on any device.


We optimize toward your KPI by analyzing and fine-tuning every aspect of your campaign to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Social Media Advertising

With billions of users combined, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have become powerful forces for advertisers to reach their audience in a place where they’re arguably spending a majority of their spare time. They have transcended the way people interact with each other and most notably, with brands. Targeting options and ad formats vary, but all are guaranteed to build awareness and get people talking. Email us to learn more.

Try Adding These to Your Marketing Mix

Convert addresses or emails to IP addresses and device IDs to target your CRM database online.

Native Advertising
Ads are seamlessly integrated into a page by matching the look/feel of the existing content.

Private Marketplaces (PMPs)
Choose to run your ad on a list of premium websites via an invitation-only direct deal.

Connected TV (CTV) Advertising
Streaming a video before, during or following long-form content viewed on a connected TV.

Spotify Advertising
Target music listeners with a video takeover or static ad within the desktop app.

Stream a :15 or :30 video before, during or following a featured video play.

Campaign I/O Portal

Liquidus’ proprietary IO portal streamlines the campaign order and launch process enabling you to accelerate your business pipeline in less time with less hassle. The IO portal gives the ability to create, launch, edit, pause or view campaigns, as well as upload new creative. Once an update is made, our internal team is immediately notified and changes will take effect within 48 hours. Everything you need is combined in this highly scalable, turn-key, all-in-one solution.
Stay Organized
The Liquidus IO Portal is not only for placing ready-to-go orders, but also serves as an organizational tool to house campaign details as they’re prepared. We let you hit the green button when it’s time to launch.
Powerful Targeting Precision
Liquidus’ Programmatic Media solution includes a wide spectrum of targeting tactics, each offering a unique purpose and value.  We’ll work with you to develop the best strategy to achieve your advertiser’s goal.
Precise Optimization
Our seasoned media team continuously evaluate and fine-tune every aspect of every campaign throughout its lifespan. Our goal is your goal: exceeding advertiser expectations.
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