Reach Beyond the Mailbox

icon_mediaWhile direct mail is and may always be effective, it’s arguably more effective to reach consumers where they’re spending more of their time: online.

Listlink takes your CRM list and converts it to digital IP addresses creating a tangible online audience of your known champions. CRM lists can include physical addresses, email addresses or both. Our data partner that manages the conversion process actually maps each individual IP address to two look-a-like IP addresses, and they’re passed back to us in a bundle of three. This means there’s no 1:1 targeting, making it fully compliant and free of any personally identifiable information (PII).

The look-a-like IP addresses are identified exclusively by demographic attributes or geographic location that is closely rated to your customer(s). So not only are you targeting your customers who’ve shown interest in your product or service, you’re getting the bonus of prospecting individuals whose interest level is likely higher than the general public.

Listlink is a powerful tactic when used in conjunction with a direct mail piece or eBlast reinforcing that same message as the individuals surf the web. You could even segment customers who have opened a specific email offer or newsletter and retarget them with a follow-up message. There are many options with Listlink that give you greater, more effective marketing power.

Your customers already have a proven affinity for your brand, so half the work is done. Now stay top-of-mind when they’re looking for your product/service. Get started with Listlink today!