Read This if You’re Running a Mobile Campaign

icon_mediaToday, over 90% of businesses have mobile-optimized websites (and 75%+ have mobile apps)

…compared to just 55% in 2013.

At the dawn of the first iPhone, mobile-optimized sites were non-existent. Users were browsing desktop sites on their palm-sized devices. This made navigating more difficult, content harder to read and advertisements disappearing off the screen when the site was zoomed in for browsing. In the last 8 years, publishers have begun creating mobile-optimized versions of their desktop sites to accommodate the smartphone/tablet screen size, as well as branded apps. What really pushed businesses to convert was Google’s announcement last April that its mobile search rankings algorithm would adjust to favor mobile-optimized sites.

So what does that mean for your mobile campaigns?

With the new mobile-optimized sites and mobile apps, comes new, mobile-specific ad sizes (and happier mobile users).

Ideally, a mobile campaign would include all three ad sizes laid out below, but any combination should work just fine. If you must chose one, your best bet is the 320×50 as it’s the most widely used and accepted.

(Keep in mind: In any given 30-day period, there’s an average of 263 billion mobile impressions served in the U.S.)



This mobile ad size accounts for approximately 1% of available inventory on mobile-optimized sites and apps.



This is the most popular mobile ad size, accounting for well over 60% of available inventory on mobile-optimized sites and apps.



This is a premium placement, screen takeover ad. That typically means higher CPMs and less inventory. This size accounts for approximately 1% of available inventory on mobile-optimized sites and apps.







300x250What about the 300×250?

The 300×250 is a traditional desktop ad size that appears only on non mobile-optimized sites– aka when viewing a desktop site on a mobile device. Because the majority of sites are now mobile-optimized, the inventory for the 300×250 ad size is extremely limited.

While we are happy to incorporate this size into your mobile campaign, it MUST be accompanied by at least one, or a variety of, the above ad sizes to ensure there is enough inventory availability to deliver impressions in full and meet your campaign goal.


Please contact your Account Manager with any questions or for more information!