Start Doing More Relevant Advertising

Is it just me, or when it’s raining outside, a new pair of rain boots are suddenly worth the money? And when mortgage rates drop, you become a little more interested in real estate. Or when gas prices skyrocket, public transportation sounds more appealing than usual.

I think the answer is, it’s not just me. It’s how we behave and react as consumers. We’re much more inclined to act on something, consider something or pull the trigger based on what’s going on around us.

This idea is what drives Triggered Advertising. It’s simply using current events to maximize the relevance, importance and timeliness of your message. How so? Well, it’s actually fairly simple…

An advertiser first determines what “event” would change the way people would feel or act as it relates to their product or service. Maybe the trigger is stormy weather. With that, they create two to three different ads – one with standard branded messaging, and 1-2 with messaging related to the weather. By integrating with a weather-specific API, our ad serving platform is notified when the new condition (storming) is met, and it triggers a creative swap. Once the storms cease, the primary creative is reactivated and secondary creative becomes idle until the next occurrence.

Let’s say the advertiser is a roofing company. When the weather is pleasant, their default message might be something like “Don’t wait until it’s too late! Replace your roof now to avoid future leaks and damage.” Then when it’s storming, “We’re the experts in roof repair. Available 7 days a week. Call now.”

Studies show that people are 12% more likely to engage if an online ad is relevant to them in the moment. Why not take advantage of this behavioral pattern and drive interest or action based on…whatever you choose! Some example triggers are rain, snow, wind, pollen levels, drop/lift in oil prices, drop/lift in stock prices, drop/lift in mortgages rates, and then options are essentially endless. We can accommodate countless data points, just email us to confirm.

With Triggered Advertising, good timing is always on your side.

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