The New Liquidus: Brand Refresh Announcement

By September 19, 2017News

The idea for Liquidus came to us back in 2001. We were talking big dreams at Wrigley Field on Cubs opening day as so many others have. But I’m happy to say we walked the talk and made our dream a reality.

How’d that happen?

I think it’s because we all knew that to provide the dynamic and transformative advertising experiences we wanted to – remember the Internet was lousy with bad ads in 2001 – we’d have to develop a new approach to how we built relationships with our clients and how we empowered them to build relationships with their consumers.

We thought about the whole picture and once we had it in our minds, we couldn’t walk away from it. We developed a model where we led with dependable client service and innovative, dynamic technology side-by-side.

For more than a decade, we worked to build an ad tech solutions company that was “stronger, faster, and smarter” than anyone else out there. We also started to expand what it was we offered – moving into programmatic media with great success.

Cofactor caught our eye because we saw kindred spirits in how their team continuously looked to evolve too – having expanded from their roots in the online circular world into the crazy space of cross-channel personalization and content management. Chris and I were thoroughly impressed any time we had a meeting with them. (Or against them.)

We also saw the way online behavior was changing demands – including those marketers had for us. However, instead of diversifying or changing lanes, we thought we should build an entirely new highway – one that got our clients from point A to point B faster and easier than anyone else could.

We acquired Cofactor in December of 2016 and since then we’ve been forging this new path – combining our capabilities and looking at the technological challenges and operational demands our clients face. In coming together, our sum truly is greater than our parts, for us and for our customers. How? We can now deliver that elusive “end-to-end” solution so many marketers have sought but rarely found without going down miles of bumpy road and enduring hours of headaches.

We also realized there is a lot of repetitive junk out there in our space, so we decided to “refresh” how we shared what it is we do in the plainest language possible. We don’t need anyone going back to their team or boss or agency having to diagram a sentence just to explain why they want to work with us.

Today, Liquidus offers:

  • Dynamic Content Management: Ads aren’t personal if they don’t show content each viewer cares about. Liqudius can unify, manage and activate any data and content using advanced technology not found anywhere else.
  • Managed Media Services: We know keeping up with programmatic media and DSP capabilities can be overwhelming. That’s why our expert media managers find audiences, buy the right inventory and optimize campaigns in real time for our clients.
  • Ad Tech and Web Development: Building and delivering multiple versions of creative can be difficult and expensive. Not for us. Our best-in-class solutions are fast, flexible and easily scaled to deliver on what’s possible, not just what comes standard.

One thing that hasn’t changed is how we continue to provide superior strategic guidance and client service as part of our core mission. We haven’t lost sight of how important it is to be able to justify your time and money, and to enjoy the people you work alongside.

We hope you’ll join us on this next leg of our journey!

Todd Holmes
CEO • Liquidus