Digital Tune-In

Liquidus drives higher viewership and ratings by combining on-air programming promotions with the reach of programmatic media and effectiveness of advanced targeting.

“TV viewers exposed to tune-in ads spend 34% more time watching the promoted programs, driving 71% higher ratings”

Nielsen, 2015

What We Do

We plan, manage and execute effective digital advertising campaigns without long lead times and prohibitive costs.

Our expert media managers find the right viewers, buy the right inventory and optimize ads in real time.

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We provide all the ad formats needed to connect a message with the right audiences.

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In-Banner Video Ads
Stand out with video advertising that can showcase up to four :15 or :30 videos alongside campaign ad creative – graphics, skins, etc.
Interactive Video Ads
Drive action while achieving awareness goals by adding interactive buttons to send viewers to a website or social media channel.
Social Media Advertising
Reach new viewers and find those with interests similar to the topics of a program using social media advertising.

Targeting Options are Endless

Location Targeting
Infer someone’s likes, intentions or potential interests based on where they live, their geo-location and where they frequently visit. Target users based on geo using DMAs, ZIPs, counties, radius around an address, etc.

Content Category Targeting
Determine user’s interest based on the types of websites and content they engage. Choose a website category/channel or content topic and place ad on those sites and alongside relevant content.

User Targeting
Target individuals based on their past behaviors or what an ideal customer looks like – or use CRM data.

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