Videolink is the most scalable yet inexpensive product-video solution on the market. That’s because it’s real-time, dynamic video that assembles in a split second when customers click a product. It’s great for selling complex items, yet easy to maintain because it’s data-driven. Whenever the data changes, it changes…no editing or re-deployment needed if prices or features change. It downloads faster on mobile than hard-file video, fits itself to the user’s screens and adjusts content on-the-fly to users’ shopping history to maximize effectiveness.


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Videolink 5: Dynamic Product Video for Automotive

Liquidus makes nearly 10 million vehicle videos available every month for companies like CDK,, General Motors, Ford, and more.

Many Verticals

If you have data, images or clips we can create video for you…no matter what products you sell. By applying sales and marketing expertise to your data, we create compelling video presentations that move your products out the door. Studies show Videolink increases time spent engaged with products by 152%.

Many Uses

Real Estate Rentals
Whether it’s rentals or sales, Videolink does a better job at taking you through a property than any 360, photo show or expensive on-site video capture. Our video is interactive, maximizing calls to action and leads.
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Automotive Repair
Not only can Videolink sell new and used vehicle listings, but the complex variety of services that go with them. This video can customize itself on-the-fly based on data about a consumer’s vehicle, location and desired repair.
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Retail, Electronics
Had a hard time understanding and comparing the complicated features of products? Videolink can translate complex features into plain English across a wide assortment of SKUs to make shoppers comfortable with making a purchase.
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Deploy On Websites
An entire portal or website can be lit up in an instant with inventory video for all your products. A simple media ID calls the right data into the right video for the right product.
Deploy On Facebook and YouTube
Socialink allows you to place your entire video inventory within a tab in your Facebook presence. Videolinks can be converted to .mp4 hard-files to deploy to your YouTube account as well, which helps your vSEO along with video sitemaps.
Deploy In Display Ads
Bannerlink allows you to use your Videolinks within ad units to give your product videos instant exposure to millions, targeting and re-targeting shoppers in your marketplace with compelling video presentations.
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