4 Easy-to-Keep Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2018

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Maybe it’s okay that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Why? Because many of them are overambitious and rigid. Great brands don’t try to get things perfect the first time or every time. They test new ideas, try different approaches to solving familiar problems and embrace challenges with enthusiasm.

These resolutions may be challenging, but they will be easier to keep than those that ask you to overhaul your entire digital strategy. We’ve focused our recommendations for the new year on new ways of thinking. If you want 2018 to be a success, devote some time to making them your own!

2018 Digital Marketing Resolution No.1: Start leaning into personalization and video

Liquidus President Chris Carlton encourages marketers to expand their horizons by exploring new ways to personalize ads and test better video solutions.

CC: “One thing I want to see more of in 2018 is better ad personalization – across the board. That might not seem like a radical idea, but it’s a vital one. Last year there was a lot of talk about personalization data – finding it, cleaning it, mining it for insights. This year, let’s put it to good use in new and exciting ways! Consumers are going to abandon ship if things don’t change.

The other thing I want to see more of is better video advertising.

Video is a powerful solution for marketing because it’s such a great storytelling tool. The behaviors of how, when or where video is consumed might be evolving, but video remains central to how most consumers like getting information.

I’m excited to see more brands think about how they can personalize video, how they can make video campaigns more efficient and more dynamic. There is a lot of amazing ad tech out there that is ready to be tested. Let’s go!”

2018 Digital Marketing Resolution No.2: Change Your Thinking

Liquidus CRO Tony Biancalana suggests marketers shift their thinking on where a “path to purchase” actually ends.

TB: “It’s a marketer’s responsibility to make products or services “speak” to consumers – to establish relevance and drive a positive outcome. For that to happen, brands have to engage consumers one-on-one with something personalized for them, not their audience group. True personalization equals relevance to their specific wants and needs in a given moment. There are too many brand messages and ways for consumers to receive information that it’s just noise otherwise.

Brands are great at finding consumers online, uncovering what devices they use and where they spend time. But they waste money, equity and effort when they focus only on reaching their audience. An irrelevant message, even on the right platform or device, is going to end a buying journey.

I hope this year marketers think more about how they can prioritize personalization at the one-to-one level – not the audience level – so they can deliver the kind of relevance in their campaigns that drives action.”

2018 Digital Marketing Resolution No.3: Look out for these media trends

Liquidus VP of Media and Digital Strategy Jaclyn Laske encourages marketers to keep an eye on these topics in the new year:

JL:Premium video is going to be in even higher demand this year. This includes CTV, OTT and FEP, as well as new formats like vertical video and 6 sec spots. Marketers need to keep themselves informed on all things related to video in 2018.

Secondly, attribution will continue to be a hot topic with many obstacles due to a fragmented marketplace spread across multiple devices and vendors.  We have seen great progress in over the past year in closing come of the existing gaps (cross device mapping, location tracking, etc) and hopefully this will continue to progress in 2018.

Third: ABT. That’s ‘Always be testing!’ The consumers and media channels are ever changing and what worked last year or last month might not be what works tomorrow or next quarter.  Thanks to automation, data and dynamic creatives, testing and optimizing is quicker than ever. In other words, test, test, test and then start again and test some more!

Lastly, I’m most interested to see how the use of block chain will unfold and how the evolution of it will start to change, and possibly replace, the current processes for buying and selling media.”

2018 Digital Marketing Resolution No.4: Start talking!

Lastly, our Senior Director of Account Services Danielle Sullivan shared one thing marketers can do on an interpersonal level to have a more successful 2018: 

DS: “No one wants “a meeting that could’ve been an email,” but I would love to challenge people to stop hiding behind emails and start talking to each other directly. Yes, emails can be faster and more efficient, but they can also be a huge source of confusion and conflict. People also waste hours and hours of their lives reading “gray mail.” (Google it. It’s terrifying.)

I encourage my team to talk in-person and over the phone with each other and our clients whenever time allows because real conversations are important. You cannot solve complex problems or bring a new idea to life without good conversation.

Speaking directly to another person enhances our natural proclivity towards empathy and that’s important. Better, more empathetic communication leads to stronger interpersonal relationships and a better, more successful work life.”

What are your digital marketing resolutions? Let us know in the comments or on twitter!

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