The Opportunity

According to media research company eMarketer, $56 billion is spent on in-app advertising in the United States. comScore estimates U.S. mobile users spend over 18% of their daily app time streaming music; however, IAB found only $1.6 billion – or less than 3% of the $56 billion – is attributed to music streaming. The 15% difference between usage and spend unlocks a unique opportunity.

Audio Offerings

Brands looking to capitalize on this underserved market should be thrilled by the growing availability of Programmatic Audio advertising. Audio’s unique values include:

  • Stellar performance compared to display in all engagement categories*, including:
    • 60% higher Ad Recall
    • 33% higher Relevance
    • 52% higher Increased Brand Interest
  • Naturally audible environments, free from clutter and ad-blockers, driving high completion rates
  • Brand Safe & Fraud Free buying thanks to direct and transparent inventory access
  • Growing scale and exceptional user-level data for efficient targeting and cost
  • Placement and optimization across all types of streaming devices, including the growing contingent of connected speakers like Alexa, Google Home and Sonos

(*According to Spotify)

Getting Started

Choose a 15 or 30-second audio spot and hone in on your target audience using any of our unique targeting capabilities:

  • GEO – ZIP code, City, DMA, State, Country
  • DEMO – Age or Gender
  • BEHAVIORAL – Online or Offline User Attributes (i.e. HHI, Interests, Lifestyle, etc.)
  • CHANNEL/CONTEXTUAL – Target based on app content, playlist, genre, and more!

Audio streaming presents the opportunity for an optional companion banner (300×250 or 640×640 on Spotify). Keep in mind that your primary KPI for any Audio Campaign is ACR (Audio Completion Rate) rather than clicks or CTR.

Audio utilizes the power of sound to guide the listener’s connection to the brand. The unique singular sense of audio gives the brand the ability to control and amplify an image with higher impact than a typical display campaign.

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