While the use of traditional banner ads has been declining, the use of Native ads is steadily increasing to fill the gap. Native Advertising has absorbed more than half of the media budget for digital display ads in 2018. According to eMarketer, Native display spend will reach $32 billion in 2018, which is a 31% increase from 2017. These ads offer a new approach to digital display advertising by seamlessly blending in with the look and feel of the content the user is consuming. Native ads can be served in a variety of formats such as banners, videos, posts, etc. and through a variety of media channels like social and display.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is defined as “material in an online publication which resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product.” Although they can flow with content seamlessly, they are always disclosed as a paid advertisement with small labels that can read “sponsored content,” “advertisement,” “promoted” or “boosted.”

Native on Mobile & Social Media

Native Advertising has experienced the most growth on mobile devices. The amount of time spent on mobile devices is a large contributing factor to this growth. Also, over 75% of Native ads are served as social posts. While Native ads are fairly new to programmatic display, it is quickly scaling.

Measuring the Success of Native/KPIs

Native Advertising has provided us with higher engagement, video completion, and expansion rates compared to standard formats. Most advertisers use viewability and engagement KPIs to measure the success of campaigns. These measurements are more reliable ways of measuring the success of a campaign and ensuring that an advertiser’s brand, product and/or message is recognized.

Why You Should Try Liquidus’ Native Offering

Liquidus’ programmatic Native Advertising offering is a huge potential area of growth for marketers looking for digital solutions to replace their standard banner ads or social campaigns. We offer high value content and guaranteed publisher-direct placements. Native Advertising is for the creative marketer—especially those who are willing to cultivate their ads to blend in with relevant content. Luckily, we make the ad creation process easy. Send us your image or logo with a few lines of text, and we will construct your ads with an authentic look and feel that users will enjoy. For more questions, contact your Account Manager, and check out our other Managed Media Services here.