As campaign performance KPIs shift from quantity to quality, it presents an opportunity for emerging mediums to enter at the forefront of the digital advertising industry. Podcast Advertising is one of the fastest growing digital mediums, and according to our friends at eMarketer, it is projected that ad spending on podcasts is going to double from 2017 to 2020 to reach $659 million.


Let’s take a step back and define this emerging media channel. Podcasts are an on-demand format that allows advertisers to reach users when they are highly engaged with the content they are consuming. Unlike traditional radio that tends to be background noise, users who listen to podcasts have the intention of absorbing the information and are less likely to skip advertisements in fear of missing any content. It is an opportunity for advertisers to use this as a story telling avenue; unlike display advertising that conveys a message with a visual, podcast advertising audio ads provide the opportunity to tell the story of your brand and what you are trying to sell with personality and emotion through inflection, intonation etc. Research has proven that it is a full-funnel marketing strategy, and that 61% of listeners have bought something that was advertised via podcasts.

The typical podcast audience tends to index higher towards young, well-educated individuals with a higher household income. Furthermore, these users tend to be more mobile. Whether they are working out at the gym, taking public transportation or traveling around the country, you will reach them when they are most tuned-in.

Scale isn’t a concern either. It is found that nearly 73 million U.S. listeners tune into podcasts at least one a month which is more than 1/5 of the U.S. population! And because you are reaching users when they are most engaged, we see Listen Through Rates (LTR) at 90%+. What does that signify? Your message is being heard.

At Liquidus, we make it easy to incorporate podcasts into your programmatic buy all while utilizing our granular targeting capabilities. We can leverage our proprietary 3rd party data stack in addition with our localized targeting strategies to ensure we are locked in on the right users. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more!