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Understanding the Who, Why, and How of Hispanic Digital Marketing

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As of 2016, US Hispanics account for 17.9% of the total population. That’s over 58.1 million Americans that marketers and brands should be including in their advertising strategy.  In this post, I’ll uncover the basics on this key demographic, the Hispanic marketing climate, and how Liquidus can help you include them in your marketing mix.

The “Who”
US Hispanics are not a one-size-fits-all demographic for marketers. This group is exceptionally multicultural- while 64.2% of them are from Mexico, the rest hail from all over the Hispanic world representing a wealth of different cultures and traditions. US Hispanics are also overwhelmingly bilingual but maintain a key demographic who prefer to consume their media in Spanish.

By the end 2016, 76.5% of US Hispanics will be online. They are mobile-first; moreover, they prefer browsing on a mobile device more than any other segment of Americans. This mobile tendency fuels their browsing habits as well. Social media and mobile video consumption are highest among US Hispanics in comparison to other segments surveyed.

The “Why”
The Selig Center for Economic Growth at University of Georgia estimates that US Hispanic purchasing power will surpass $1.7 trillion USD by 2020. Growth in digital Hispanics has also translated to a huge growth in eCommerce purchasing—especially on mobile.

Brands and marketers are taking note and following the money—over $9.49 billion was spent on advertising geared towards Hispanics in 2014. Digital ad spending made up the fastest growing segment of that media mix with 18% growth from 2013 to 2014.

US Hispanics are also increasingly responsive to advertiser’s attempts to connect culturally, regardless of language. Interestingly enough, 89% of respondents to a recent survey expressed that the use of ‘Spanglish’ in advertising was ‘appropriate for all brands’.

The “How”
If you aren’t already including Hispanic marketing in your strategy or if you are looking for fresh ideas, let’s have a chat!

Liquidus has years of experience planning, executing, and optimizing digital campaigns targeted to US Hispanics. Our AdCurrent programmatic network allows our advertisers the power to target Hispanics by browser language and integrates countless first & third party data segments for even the most niche Hispanic audiences. On the creative side, our proprietary Bannerlink ad tech allows advertisers to create rich media ad units in both Spanish and English.

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Statistics courtesy of eMarketer, 2016

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