Liquidus has partnered with Pandora to operate its newly upgraded Dynamic Product Showcase (DPS) advertising product.

CHICAGO, IL – Liquidus, a Chicago-based dynamic advertising technology company, has partnered with Pandora (NYSE: P), the largest streaming music provider in the U.S., to operate its newly upgraded Dynamic Product Showcase (DPS) advertising product, an advertising unit that digitizes traditional print circulars. Liquidus has demonstrated how its proprietary linQ platform can offer better user experiences and personalization capabilities.

Liquidus will power DPS for Pandora, providing its Pandora for Brands division the most impactful way for retailers to extend their print-to-digital strategy using Pandora’s high-quality audience.

“Pandora’s vision of what personalization means in today’s digital marketplace aligns perfectly with what Liquidus wants to accomplish,” said Todd Holmes, Liquidus’ CEO. “Liquidus’ technology will fuel Pandora’s precision targeting efforts to improve the user experience, ensure advertisers’ spends are optimized and ultimately creating greater engagement and conversion.”

Pandora has been personalizing the listening experience for over a decade, developing first-in-class methods to cultivate quality audiences for advertisers. With 71 million active users, Pandora represents roughly two-thirds of all digital audio inventory and is the largest publisher of digital audio advertising in the U.S.

“Pandora is always exploring opportunities to better serve our users and our advertising brand partners. Launching our upgraded DPS product with Liquidus will increase our personalization capabilities and extend client ad messaging beyond what we have seen in the marketplace,” said John Gregory, VP, Retail Head of Industry for Pandora. “Liquidus offers what we think could be game-changing technology to help clients find greater efficiency and effectiveness in their digital media investments using existing creative content.”

Gregory noted that the DPS product will allow print circular advertisers to better deliver important localized promotional content to audiences not likely exposed to newspaper distribution.

“Since the release of linQ, our advanced ad technology has increased brand and agency personalization capabilities while also reducing or eliminating a number of friction points inherent with legacy dynamic creative campaigns,” Holmes noted. “Working with key industry partners like Pandora helps reinforce our commitment to reshape industry standards of how to best deliver more personalized and relevant digital media campaigns with the scale that the world’s most complex brands desire.”



Liquidus delivers scalable, meaningful messages through its advanced dynamic advertising technology to help brands drive sales and form deep consumer connections when it matters most. Liquidus provides the most efficient and effective means to reach consumers with right and relevant messaging, increasing time spend, brand preference and sales conversion. Thanks to its linQ platform, Liquidus is changing the way brands and agencies can seamlessly deliver dynamic creative and personalized content across multiple distribution channels, all at the same time. Headquartered in Chicago, Liquidus acquired Cofactor from TEGNA in December 2016, stimulating the acceleration of Liquidus’ technology amongst brands.

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