“I resolve to lose 15 pounds.”  Sure you will.

“I resolve to go to the gym three times a week.”  Doubt it.

“I resolve to find new ways to integrate personalization into our clients’ operations.”  NOW you’re talking some truth!

This is the time of year of wishful thinking.  When the New Year’s Eve champagne stops flowing and reality settles in, we all think we want to do SOMETHING different for the coming year; the Liquidus team is no different.

We asked a few of our folks what they resolve to do in 2019:

Todd Holmes, Co-founder and CEO – “I resolve to be more mindful—of operations, of our people, of our industry’s future.  They are all inter-related.  If there is one missing link, the whole chain breaks.  It’s my job to make sure they all stay strong.”

Lindsay DeVore, Senior Director, Business Development –  “I resolve to find more of the kind of business that can embrace ALL of Liquidus.  People may think of Liquidus as doing one form of advertising technology service. The reality is that we have become such a different company than when it started.  As we start sharing more of our services, intelligence and resources, I am confident that this is one resolution that will actually come true—and EVERYONE will benefit from it.”

Jaclyn Laske, SVP, Media & Client Service – I resolve for greater efficiency.  Not the most glamorous resolution, but efficiency is the fuel for my team.  There are so many changes impacting media and we need to proactively ensure we learn how each of these changes will impact our clients.  The way to do that?  By efficiently maximizing our tools and resources and making sure everyone on the team is as aware and mindful of the constantly evolving ecosystem as I am.

Do you have resolutions that are realistic and noteworthy?  Send us a note on Twitter and let us know what you resolve to do—beyond weight loss and gym workouts.  Been there, done that.  Happy New Year, everyone!