It’s that time of year again where we reminisce and show our thanks for all the gifts that that have been generously bestowed upon us. This Thanksgiving/Holiday season, as we look back on 2018, we can quickly identify how the digital world has evolved and which digital solutions make the future of our industry look shiny and bright.

Here are 3 things we think every advertiser – and consumer – should be thankful for this year:


We are deeply thankful for all the advances in personalization. The ability to deliver meaningful, relevant ads to customers at the right time, on the right device, at scale has become a reality thanks to reliable data and advanced ad technology. Liquidus’ dynamic ad tech has taken personalization to a whole new level by allowing advertisers to dynamically deliver 1:1 relevant messaging in real-time based on the user’s known interests, buying habits and much more. Additional variable elements within an ad can include color, tag line, call to action and images for a truly personalized experience. This technology (paired with precise media targeting) pushes personalization into the first position of things to be grateful for this holiday season.

Put it as a top priority for the New Year for display, retargeting, video, social and email campaigns. According to HubSpot, personalized content performs 42% better than non-personalized content.  Now that’s something to celebrate!


Are you hosting any gatherings this holiday season? If so, you’d agree that it’s always helpful to have a list of RSVPs. Verified Visitors literally lets you know who got the Evite (ad) and whether they actually came to the party (business location). If added to your mobile campaign, this secret weapon will verify the actual number of consumers who visited an advertiser’s physical location after seeing an ad on their mobile device. Essentially, when an ad is served to a mobile device (web or in-app), the Device ID is captured. When a Device ID is identified as being at the advertiser’s physical location, it’s cross-referenced with the exposed device list, thus verifying the visit.

While mobile attribution has been a challenge in the past, Verified Visitors is easy to implement and serves as a reliable way to measure the success of any mobile campaign. And that’s why we placed it at #2.


This is another relevancy tool to be thankful for this holiday season. One thing that frustrates consumers is seeing irrelevant ads. Like dynamic ad tech, Triggered Advertising can solve for this issue by serving users messages that are relevant in the moment.

Triggered Advertising requires two sets of creative – the default, and the speciality, “relevant” message. In a typical campaign, the default creative is running until the trigger occurs, which is when the default creative is paused, and the speciality creative immediately goes live. It continues running until the trigger event ceases.

So, what’s a “trigger”? The most popular trigger is weather – when it starts raining, snowing, temperature reaches 75-degrees or a blustery 32, high pollen count, you name it. Weather influences our mood, eating habits, choice of clothes but more importantly, can influence consumer behavior and the products they purchase. This influence can range from the willingness to purchase a gym membership to an airline ticket. Other triggers could be stock market highs and lows, gas prices and sports scores, to name a few. Have a different one in mind? Just ask us.

Thanks to intelligent programming and predetermined creative, achieving relevancy is easy. So this holiday season, don’t forget to set the table with a little Triggered Advertising so your campaigns can reap the rewards.

As we look back on the year, we raise a glass to these three digital solutions – Personalization, Verified Visitors and Triggered Advertising – for enriching our campaigns and advancing the world of digital advertising to be more relevant and meaningful.