It’s a REALLY good time to be in the advertising business! And with that, we’re ready to give our digital advertising predictions for 2019.

The Liquidus team has been hard at work solving some of the most complex digital advertising problems for brands. We have seen so many advances in personalization and dynamic creative in the last 12 months, and the advancements will continue. But what did we LEARN in 2018, and what will we learn in the year ahead?

For one thing, we learned that the combination of technology and media companies makes for an awesome combination. AT&T acquired AppNexus after completing its acquisition of Time Warner. Mickey Mouse (Disney) acquired Homer Simpson (21st Century Fox). Even advertising/marketing holding company Interpublic Group purchased Acxiom.

What we really learned is that Liquidus needs to think ahead of the curve to remain competitive, as more and more technology and media companies combine. We asked some of Liquidus’ Leadership team to address what they think will be important in 2019 – and give their digital advertising predictions – as the technology and media landscapes further collide.

Todd Holmes, Co-founder and CEO “It’s up to me as the leader of the business to focus on issues that will shape the future of our business—beyond one year.  For me, I believe all companies in which we work—CPG brands, media companies and technology platforms—will place more emphasis on privacy; think GDPR on steroids.  Liquidus never shares personally identifiable information, but for some companies, our policies and procedures may not be enough.  And I would bet that many other organizations will follow suit where there is a new level of transparency that the industry has rarely seen.”

Jaclyn Laske, SVP, Media & Client Service  “If I had to place my bets on one area where we will see change, it’s with getting ads in front of people where they are least expecting them.  At the end of 2018, Hulu and AT&T announced that they were considering adding commercial messages on their platforms when users pause video content.  This news shows me that media companies will be pushing more envelopes to get ads in front of more consumers when they least expect it.”

Elliot Bell, Chief Revenue Officer  True dynamic messaging has been an industry promise for more than a decade…and I believe 2019 will be the seen as the “Big Bang” for personalization at scale – beyond just basic DCO and feed solutions. Simple. Seamless. Real time. Transparent.  Consumers are expecting it – and rewarding those who do it well with more time spent and engagement.  The best agencies will increasingly utilize tech partners who enhance client messaging and campaign performance while also simplifying the process and minimizing the costs.  At Liquidus, we’ll continue to be laser focused on helping brands improve the user experience with their ads through our unique and exclusive Liquidus LinQ advanced dynamic creative platform.”    

Mark Pickett, Senior Director, Product Management & Design  Connecting content and data will be the key driver in taking dynamic creative to the next level. So much of what could make campaigns truly impactful is locked away in spreadsheets or content management providers. Activating and integrating that data into content development and creative decisioning will unlock the door to “programmatic creative” giving consumers (and advertisers) the most relevant experience possible to drive consumer action.

These are our digital advertising predictions that we have been thinking about; what did we miss?  Send us a note on Twitter and let us know what you think.  Maybe we will create a second “prediction list” with what other people have learned!