Man vs. Machine.

What used to be merely science fiction fantasy has entered every facet of our workplace, especially in the world of ad-tech.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving one of the most innovative waves in the history of marketing.  Algorithms and code are changing how we interact with brands, how we connect with ads and content we see daily, and how we make purchases.

There has also been a lot of speculation about technology, artificial intelligence and tech platforms overrunning the world of advertising.  Why should brand managers interact with a media buyer when they can make a couple of swipes on a mobile device to enact a multi-million dollar buy?  Why deal with a market strategist when technology is programmed to analyze past and present shopper purchasing decisions and give companies an at-a-glance recap of where and when shoppers are buying?

Even the Liquidus team is caught in the fray.  We have created great technology tools to create versionless ads in real time based on a brand’s numerous content silos; will there be a long-term need for graphic designers and artists on-staff?  We’re here to tell you the answer.

Man and machine will always duke it out.  And there will be those who argue that machines will be eventually be programmed to become as “touchy feely” and emotional as we humans.  But brands and retailers are not in the “eventually” business.  They are in the business of helping shoppers address their short-term needs, creating marketing and advertising content for when a shopper wants it, when she wants it and how she wants it delivered.  None of that can happen without the insight and intelligence of human beings who are shaping what the technology looks and feels like.

At Liquidus, Man and Machine both win. The people who comprise the company are some of the sharpest minds in the industry.  Their ideas, their insights and (something that machines will never learn) their passion are what fuel the technology platforms that comprise our business.  That kind of intelligence can never be replaced by a machine.

We invite you to connect with the human intelligence at Liquidus.  When you do, you will see first-hand why the people make the difference in what we do.