…make sure you ask the right questions about their core offerings.

While all of us at Liquidus are always busy creating the results that our clients crave, every now and again, we take the time to read what’s happening in our world.  No, not the stuff about walls being built, but the news that shapes our industry.  We like learning from other technology companies, agencies and consultants who have a better way to make a mousetrap.

One of the articles that made our collective Inboxes was from ADWEEK, where writer Erik Oster astutely made the observation that a growing number of production companies are taking on the resources of the agency world (NOTE: you may need a subscription to access the article).  Increasingly, many brands are reaching out to the video production houses of the world to do the work of their agency, and Oster noted that many of these production studios are bringing in outside “creative and strategic services” to complement their offerings.  After all, why have a client or brand go shopping elsewhere, when it could all be done at one place?

We’re all for free enterprise, but we’re also proponents of solving the right and best problems that clients have.  Merely offering “strategic services” is not enough if you are not addressing the right and best strategy and problem.

So as Blogmaster (I don’t have a title here so that will work), I hope you readers don’t object that Liquidus throws in a little commercial here about the problems WE solve.

Liquidus is in the business of solving the challenges of the world’s most complex brands by enabling them to deliver personalized, relevant and attention-keeping ads through advanced dynamic creative.  That is OUR strategic imperative; it has been baked as a result of countless hours of research, listening and investment.  Most importantly, it is our core offering.

We invite anyone reading this blog post to learn more about how our strategic approach to solving problems can address yours.  Reach out to us to let us know how we can help you.

And if you have a better title for me than Blogmaster, I’m all ears.