Live TV streaming is a hot topic in the digital space, and now, Live Events and Live Channel advertising are part of Liquidus’ product suite.

Live Events advertising allows brands to showcase their video ad during a live event’s typical commercial segment as it’s being viewed in real-time on an OTT device – opposed to a user receiving an ad while viewing their programming as a playback or on demand. The advertiser can target one or more specific events that are airing live – no prerecorded shows or reruns – like the Super Bowl, the Grammys and March Madness. Since these events typically have upwards of millions of eyeballs watching, ads are sure to make an impression.

eMarketer reports that the platform viewing habits have shifted the most in the US for live sporting events. “The transition is driven by standalone streaming services, linear over-the-top (OTT) providers, and companies like Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, which are bidding for sports streaming rights.” Viewers no longer have to schedule their plans to be home during the biggest TV events of the year; they can watch them on the go on any device.

With Live Channel advertising, video ads play in those same commercial segments but the targeting approach is what sets it apart. Similar to standard channel targeting with display advertising, advertisers choose a channel, aka category, of shows to target with their ad. For example, the entertainment channel may include networks like A&E and Bravo, while the sports channel may include live television on ESPN and Fox Sports.

Both Live Events and Live Channel campaigns are targeted specifically to OTT devices (CTV, desktop, smartphone and tablet) at the DMA level. Campaigns can of course be scaled up to the national level or settle anywhere in between.

Liquidus’ Advanced TV and live TV streaming capabilities are continuously expanding to ensure that buying options reflect traditional TV capabilities with the benefits of granular digital targeting. The flexibility of these products helps advertisers reach their key customers and audiences with a 1:1 message.

Reach out to your Account Manager or Sales Rep to learn more about pricing for Live Channel and Live Events advertising, or any of our other media capabilities.