Increase in Awareness of Local Stores
More Familiarity with Exact Store Location
Lift in Purchase Intent
Localized Ad Versions Source from One Video


Ace Hardware needed to drive awareness of specific neighborhood retail stores, promote local sale events and drive in-store traffic. However, they only had one video asset built for the campaign. Scaling it to meet their business goals would be challenge.


Liquidus powered hundreds of personalized video units by populating the creative of Ace Hardware’s video campaign with their promotional content and store information.

Over 285K uniquely localized versions of the video were created and distributed by ZIP code, targeting consumers with relevant offers.

This campaign promoted regional events, provided countdowns to specific store sales, and featured local store inventory and location maps to tell viewers where they could get advertised products.

Campaign Takeaways

Personalized video can drive significant results for advertisers. Not only can it increase brand or promotion awareness, but it can also drive lift in purchase intent. How? Video is an engaging format consumers love, and by scaling it to the individual, it creates the relevance consumers want and need in order to feel informed and empowered to make a buying decision. This approach tells them how and where they can buy.