Increase in In-store Sales
Decrease in CPC
Increase in CTR


A national retailer wanted to reach new and existing customers and drive them to take action in-store.


Liquidus helped this retailer create a campaign that would reach highly engaged audiences on Facebook and drive shopping behaviors.

Using a combination of demographic, behavioral, and location targeting, Liquidus was able to match weekly ad content to specific audience profiles for the retailer and populate ad units with relevant content for them.

This targeting approach helped reach audiences with more accuracy, while the ads spoke to them with greater personal relevance by featuring offers from stores near them.

Campaign Takeaways

Advertisers face a particularly daunting challenge when messaging consumers on social media. Because it’s a personal space, they have to personalize their content down to the individual level or audiences will tune out. This campaign had effective reach, established relevance, and integrated seamlessly into the Facebook News Feed. Advertisers who want to succeed on social channels like Facebook need to make sure they not only master targeting their audience, but also have a relevant message to share with them.