Higher CTR
Incremental Sales Lift


A leading CPG brand wanted to drive better results from their mobile loyalty program. It needed a campaign to provide more impactful and actionable messaging, but it also wanted to use pre-approved product assets from its retailer partners to avoid encountering distribution restrictions.


Liquidus processed and tagged multiple retailer partners’ qualifying offers before pushing them out into the CPG’s loyalty program creative. The Liquidus API also matched the creative to specific store location data based on the offer it featured. Additionally, ads were enhanced with features like an in-unit shopping list, shopper reviews and social sharing options. The resulting mobile unit was highly advanced, engaging and scaled for individual relevance.

After the campaign ran, Liquidus worked with Nielsen to correlate in-store transaction data from 250,000+ shoppers to the campaign to confirm its success.

Campaign Takeaways

CPG marketers can now reach shoppers using any of their retail partners’ promotional assets. This way, they get more mileage out of pre-existing materials, and when distributed via mobile, they can reach more shoppers on the go. This approach can be used to promote existing programs, major launches, scaled programming, pre-campaign ad support and more. What’s more, socially enabled features can drive further relevancy and engagement for the CPG and retail partners alike.