Conversion Rate with Previous Campaign Partner
Decrease in Conversion Cost


A well-known healthcare brand wanted to introduce new audiences to their personalized wellness program and drive both awareness and enrollment. To do this, they knew it would require building trust with the audiences and offering meaningful, enriching content that would incentivize audiences to sign-up for the program.


Liquidus proposed a plan that would use dynamic content management services to pull in long-form editorial content from the brand’s blog. This content would then be reformatted appropriately for specific verticals and placements in native ads.

With the brand on board, these ads were deployed on a variety of sites whose audiences are primarily interested in health and wellness. With this approach, the brand saw 1.4% CTR, nearly two minutes spent with content per user and 15% click-through rate on the “Join Online” call-to-actions.

Liquidus also took over managing the brand’s retargeting efforts – integrating pre-existing campaign and audience data from 1st and 3rd party sources. Using the same budget the brand set in earlier campaigns with another partner, Liquidus’s media services drove a 200% jump in conversions and and a 53% decrease in conversion costs month over month.