Million in Incremental Sales in Advertised Categories
Million in Incremental Sales of Advertised Brands
Return on Video Investment


A leading CPG brand wanted to use their traditional print marketing assets online to drive sales in-store for a range of brands and products. The CPG expressed a desire to use localized and time-sensitive messaging to drive interest and a sense of urgency behind its offers.


During a thirteen week campaign, Liquidus reconfigured weekly promotional assets into rich media ad units that targeted both new and current customers based on demographic data and past purchasing behavior.

This content and versioning, powered by Liquidus, connected to viewers’ immediate needs by telling them the products and pricing available to them nearby. Viewers were engaged by the CPG brand’s recognizable creative messaging. They were then told where to act with a specific store where the offer was available.

This approach resulted in the highly successful 8:1 ROI, a data point verified against a control campaign featuring only standard awareness messaging.

Campaign performance also showed a direct correlation between the length of time an ad unit was exposed and increased sales for the specific categories and brands featured in the ads.