Return on Every Dollar Spent
Lift in Overall Sales
Lift in Average Dollar Purchase in Buying Households


A leading CPG brand wanted to promote and drive sales for a large range of oral care products.

They needed to support six key retailers who sold these products across 24,000 U.S. locations.

Lastly, this CPG lead wanted to tailor content for specific audiences in order to connect with greater relevance and achieve better sales.


Liquidus deployed and powered a fully-automated, self-optimizing co-op video campaign in order to achieve these goals. It included hundreds of locally scaled video ad units featuring the products available at nearby stores.

This content and versioning, conceived and executed by Liquidus, connected to viewers’ immediate needs by telling them the products and pricing available to them nearby. Viewers were engaged by the storytelling power of the video, but also shown how they could take immediate buying action at a nearby store location.

This content can be attributed as the driving factor behind the 3:1 returns, as a control campaign featuring standard awareness messaging only was used as a comparison point.

The results were an increase in foot traffic to specific retail locations. The campaign also drove an increase in sales for all of the participating retailers at both the category level and for the advertised oral care products.