Lift in CTR Over Benchmark
Average Per Video Views
Total Facebook Engagement Actions (e.g. links, plays, shares)


A nationwide drugstore retailer wanted to increase awareness and enrollment for their rewards program by promoting the program benefits to interested audiences. The marketing team felt Facebook would be a good place to promote the program, but were unsure as to the best way to proceed.


Liquidus accessed the retailer’s existing audience data and built a campaign layering on location and lookalike targeting parameters. The ads featured interactive video for the loyalty program matched to weekly ad content relevant to the viewers location and interests. This made them stand out even
in cluttered newsfeeds.

Liquidus delivered over 2 million rich media paid and ad postings throughout the campaign. The ads exponentially outperformed previous campaigns the retailer ran elsewhere, confirming the power relevant content has to drive better results.

Deep Dive

Results were measured against Liquidus benchmarks (49% CTR lift over a 0.15% benchmark; 18% Interaction Rate over a 0.96% benchmark). Additionally, page likes, app installs, conversions and event responses were tracked to comprehensively measure engagement actions.