Total CTR
Activity Rate (Clicks, Likes, Shares, etc.)


A leading national retailer wanted to expand a successful desktop campaign to mobile with the goal of driving shopping actions. They also wanted to expand their social reach and brand exposure to a mobile consumer base – as consumers are spending increasingly more time accessing social platforms via mobile than on desktop devices.


Existing desktop creative was processed and layered with localization data (e.g. store location information and store-level inventory). The creative was adjusted for a mobile experience while retaining expansion functionality, in-unit product browsing capabilities, a scaled eCircular experience, and
an email alert sign-up form.

The ads were served based on consumer location and behavioral targeting. They appeared seamlessly in shoppers’ News Feed on the mobile Facebook app, introducing consumers to the offers.

Social Stats

  • 8M+ Reached
  • 6K+ Page Likes
  • 13K Page Engagements


Knowing that consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on social media via their mobile devices, brands must have an engaging and actionable mobile presence on platforms like Facebook. As this case study illustrates, telling shoppers what’s available to them at a nearby store is a highly-effective way to speak to them with relevance. Engaging features can then facilitate a more engaging shopping experience.