Average Online Order
Projected In-store Revenue*

*Impact compared to earlier social campaigns


A leading home goods retailer wanted to use Facebook to drive sales during the pivotal holiday season. However, the only asset readily available for use in a social campaign was their existing weekly ad creative.


Liquidus processed their weekly circular PDFs and decomposed them into price and item content and offer data. Using proprietary social targeting technology, demographic data was applied to these digitized offers before the Liquidus API populated them in newsfeed ad units. These units offered content available to targeted viewers at nearby store locations in their specific ZIP code and highlighted trending products based on consumer interaction.

To confirm the success of the campaign, Liquidus tied a tracking pixel to the creative and measured both conversions and engagement behavior.

Additional Results

This campaign also saw over 53,000 social engagements and 3,000+ online conversions.

In Their Words

“Our goal for this holiday promotion was to test new digital tactics to drive traffic and sales while leveraging existing assets. [This campaign] proved successful by driving sales and engagements with our most popular products on a local level featured in our December circulars.” – Account Manager, Client Brand