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Like other great Chicago companies, Liquidus was founded on Cubs Opening Day.

That afternoon in 2001, Chris and I realized neither of us had success in finding digital partners with reliable and affordable solutions for what we were working on.

So, we got in the game. A beer napkin became our business plan and a handshake solidified our promise: pioneer better, faster, smarter digital advertising solutions where design isn’t secondary and always have a vision towards the future.

After nearly two decades of blending grit with hits and misses and becoming nimble digital warriors, we’ve evolved into a comprehensive digital advertising partner that’s ahead of the curve(ball). We proudly serve brands, retailers, agencies and reseller partners with our proprietary dynamic creative ad tech and advanced media services that are unmatched in the marketplace.

– Todd K. Holmes


Years of Success

Delivering measurable results to thousands of advertisers has made us a trusted partner in the industry.


We strive to enable better connections between brands and consumers through more personal and relevant advertising experiences facilitated by our unique and exclusive ad technology.


We Have Integrity

We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We work hard regardless of who is watching and honor our commitments to our teammates, partners, and clients.

We Imagine Possibilities

Our thirst for innovation and problem-solving mindset drives us to envision what’s possible in every situation. We encourage our employees and clients to do the same.

Learning is Our Lifestyle

We’re plugged in 24/7. We don’t stay informed because we have to, but because it’s fundamental to how we think, how we work, and how we create.

We Embrace Obstacles

We don’t shy away from challenges – we embrace them. We know things can get tough, but we feel informed and confident enough to overcome any obstacle for ourselves or our clients.

Collaboration Drives Us Forward

Our progress doesn’t come from one source. We use our collective ideas, interests, and backgrounds to succeed.

We Are Genuine

Our kindness and friendliness drives our innate likeability. We check our egos at the door and believe remarkable culture is driven by our genuinely fun, yet hard-working people.

Our Leadership

These key players have had a major impact on who Liquidus is, how we got here, and where we’re going.
Check out their bios.

Todd Holmes

CEO, Cofounder

ABOUT ME: I love my Michigan bred wife, my blended team of 6 kids, our yellow lab Jack and the Chicago Cubs – not necessarily in that order. I spent my youth in Barrington, studied at The University of Kansas, started a beer & wine club, went to hundreds of Cubs games, moved to Lincoln Park, invested in a brewery, went to hundreds of Cubs games, started an ad tech company, invested in several start-up companies and went to a hundred more Cubs games.

MY CAREER: As CEO, I am a serial entrepreneur who is focused on creating meaningful experiences for my clients and team. I am dedicated to staying ahead of the industry and leading our growing Liquidus team of agile digital warriors towards better, faster and smarter ways to succeed in the tech world while staying true to my entrepreneurial roots of creating, building and leveraging businesses for growth.

FUN FACT: I wrestled a brown bear in college and lived to tell the tale over and over. Ask me about it, the bear story gets better and the bear gets bigger every time.

Elliot Bell

Chief Revenue Officer

ABOUT ME: I’m passionate about art, music and sports. And I’ve been lucky to work professionally in all three. I spend lots of time on the road advocating for better ad experiences through advanced dynamic creative. When home, I like to relax with my amazing wife Misty and our two girls in Lake Bluff.

MY CAREER: I joined as Chief Revenue Officer in May 2018. Previously, I was leading one of the largest verticals of Walmart’s digital media business for Triad Retail. My passion for dynamic creative began as part of the launch team for one of the original rich media companies, Unicast. My quest now is to help brands and publishers drive more meaningful consumer experiences through our advanced dynamic ad tech.

FUN FACT: Straight out of college, I was a bartender at the infamous Chicago institution Marge’s with Liquidus’ CEO Todd Holmes. It was the best training ground ever for getting started in the media business. And it’s always better to work with friends!

Jaclyn Laske

SVP, Media and Client Services

ABOUT ME: I am a fierce, hard-working creative professional that is passionate about family, travel and holistic living. I channel my inner hippie on weekends through yoga & juice bars followed by a trip to Montrose dog beach with my husband Mike and our BFF Brady.

MY CAREER: My entrepreneurial spirit and digital expertise spans over 17 years. I launched my first business at age 15 and haven’t taken a breath since. My first job was as a junior trader on Wall Street in 2007 after earning my degrees in business and art from NYU. All of these experiences have contributed to my unique skill set that allows me to problem solve with both a technical and creative lens. My core areas of expertise are in digital marketing, strategy, social media, ad ops, biz dev, client relations and team building.

FUN FACT: On a whim, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (the tallest free-standing mountain in the world!) with 2 of my childhood best friends. We doubled down the next year to run the Great Wall of China marathon. Next crazy idea…TBA!

Hank Chen

VP, Development

ABOUT ME: When I am not busy banging out code, checking out the latest framework or working on my next pet project, I enjoy spending time with my wife, my 2 daughters and my 2 dogs.

MY CAREER: I’ve been a software engineer just about my entire adult life, I first started with Liquidus in 2011 as the Principal engineer tasked with building the next generation, company flagship products. Since I did a pretty decent job at it, I was allowed to build some more cool stuff for the company. Throughout the years, I gradually transitioned into more of a leadership role, today, I oversee the entire software engineering department at Liquidus where we are constantly pushing the limits of technology to create solutions for the many unique challenges that arise within the data-driven landscape to maximize the ROI for our clients.

FUN FACT: I have developed a great passion for cooking somewhere along the way, I cook all the time now and I really enjoy experimenting with different cuisines and I really think I’ve become quite good at it! If I wasn't a software engineer, I would probably make a pretty good chef.

Danenya Cochran

Human Resources Manager

ABOUT ME: Here at the office, they call me DC. I am a devoted mother to a loving son and when I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with family, reading and enjoying great food. I have a Masters in HR Management from DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Mgmt and I’m an active member of the SHRM. My hands-on experience leading HR initiatives include: policy design, benefits, compensation, employment law, employee relations, on-boarding, payroll, recruitment, safety and training & development.

MY CAREER: I joined the Liquidus team in 2016 as the HR Manager during the Cofactor acquisition. I develop and implement HR best practices that align business objectives, while maximizing employee potential and morale. I’m impassioned with helping employees maximize their resources & talent with the tools they need to succeed.

FUN FACT: My favorite movie of all time is….Back To The Future (The Trilogy). I love Marty McFly and the DeLorean is the coolest movie car of all time! Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’. -Doc

Laura Reardon

VP, Finance

ABOUT ME: Like most fighting Irish alum, I am intensely focused, fairly smart and I strive for excellence. My degree in Finance from Notre Dame has helped me connect into the ecosystem in Chicago after growing up in the faraway suburb of Barrington.

MY CAREER: After learning how to effectively run a large team as VP of Publicis Media, I decided to bring my honed skill set to Liquidus’ fast growing business environment. My expertise is based in financial and organizational management and is grounded by my dedication to good communication skills, focus, integrity and a positive attitude.

FUN FACT: I can generally be found on a rooftop somewhere around Wrigleyville on Cubs home game days (or any sunny day really…actually doesn’t really need to be sunny at all and doesn’t really need to be in Wrigleyville either) enjoying a glass of rosé or bubbles with friends.

Mark Pickett

Senior Director, Product Management and Design

ABOUT ME: When not working on the next big product, I love spending time with my wife and daughter while sitting on our outside deck with a good micro-brew.

MY CAREER: I joined the legacy Cofactor company as a Product Marketing Manager in 2015 after working at Careerbuilder and Cars.com. I left to join Eyeview for a short time and re-joined the Liquidus 2.0 team in March 2017. Working in product across these different eco-systems has helped me be a faster, smarter and better PM and gives me insight to innovate products for Liquidus. Our customers really are the trendsetters. To really wow a customer means developing products before they even know they want it. You can’t just meet the expectation, anymore. I think here at Liquidus, what truly makes us special, is our flexibility through technology. That flexibility allows us to get to market faster – which is always a key want/need from every client.

FUN FACT: I love to channel my inner Johnny Cash. His attitude, his confidence and his ability to follow his instincts to live a legendary life inspires me professionally and personally.

Faisal Siddiqui

Director, Finance

ABOUT ME: I am a graduate of Acton College in London in Finance, proud father of 2 college-age daughters, and a fierce car enthusiast that loves a great road trip adventure on my Polaris Slingshot. I love flipping houses and pretty damn good in gardening and landscaping.

MY CAREER: I joined Liquidus in 2007 as a Financial Comptroller when the company was just a small digital house. My previous 30 years’ experience in the service industry has proven to be an exceptional resource for me in my current role as Director of Finance giving me the much-needed patience and tenacity to grow with this business and manage all the increasing responsibilities along the way.

FUN FACT: I secretly want to race in the Baja 500 one day.

Doug Werder

Director, Project Management

ABOUT ME: At work, I am a hyper focused, hard-working task master for my team who strives to keep everyone productive. At home, I am a relaxed stand up/sketch comedian who takes care of my sweet aging miniature dachshund, Guinness.

MY CAREER: I thrive as the ultimate facilitator/connector at Liquidus. I started at Cofactor in 2006 when I was a temp for the Shoplocal marketing department. After two years, I was hired on as an entry level quality assurance tester in May 2008. Now, my responsibility is to break down barriers internally, remove any external roadblocks, and act as a connector between different departments and tools.

FUN FACT: I channel my inner Benjamin Franklin – a true Renaissance Man. I’ve always strived to be skilled and knowledgeable across a number of areas and to learn through experience, all while keeping a sharp wit and sense of humor.


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